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What is internetGIRLfriday.com?

We are a group of virtual assistants (people working from home offices since 1999) that will do your work (administrative, bookkeeping, personal) so you can have your free time back to do whatever you want with it.

 What do IGF Virtual Assistants do?

Our virtual assistants do everything a regular assistant can do for you and more. Days consist of creating blogs, wordpress installations, managing client's facebook profiles, sending press releases, bookkeeping, arranging travel, tracking business, updating websites, sending newsletters, giving remote computer support, managing email, placing calls, setting up appts/meetings, ordering gifts/groceries online, generating new leads, researching, ...all the things that hold you up from having any time leftover for yourself.


“Jennifer was in my professional business group and all I ever heard was how incredible it was to work with her! Time and time again, "Jennifer was amazing" or "Jennifer solved my problems". Sometimes the best referral is what is said behind your back!” Julie Braun - www.juliebraundesign.com New Haven, New York, Los Angeles


How do I communicate/work with your VA's?

  • You can call us and we provide a private number to voice/dictate your tasks to us.
  • If email is your thing, shoot it over to us.
  • You can log into our online office and drop off work for the team. (Want a complete virtual office at IGF complete with file storage and editing, outlook syncing etc? Plans starting at $9.95/month)
  • You can drop off your work on our CLIENT TASK DROP-OFF page.
  • You can ping us on Instant Messenger.
  • We can work with you through webinars as well.
  • You can provide us with login details to your web location.
  • You can hard mail us anything you like.
  • IGF's team occasionally goes on site. (Concierge Level membership required)
  • We can log directly into your computer to work.

Who are these people working on my stuff?

Our team members are regular people with home offices, who have extroardinary technology/internet skills. IGF's owner runs a tight ship and anyone that is on her team, has proven their Rockstar work ethic. You benefit from having a team of personal assistants rather than just one sitting next to you.  You get a wide variety of skills for the same price as having one person with one skill set. 


"I just finished working with Internet Girl Friday on my first project. Within minutes I knew I was in good hands. There was a process, Jennifer had technology and people solutions that gave me the freedom to do what I am good at and leave the rest to her and her team."  - Diane Darling, author of The Networking Survival Guide and Networking for Career Success and professional speaker


What kind of skills do these assistants bring to the table?

Our virtual assistant training ensures that our assistants are using the latest software, skills, technology, methods etc to deliver your projects to you in the cutting edge format that you might not have been able to do yourself.  Since we offer virtual assistant training to beginner virtual assistants, we are similar to that of a training hospital where the latest, greatest methods are being utilized and shared among the team.  You will always be ahead of your competition simply by using an IGF certified virtual assistant.

How much do these Rockstars cost?

During a FREE initial consultation, we will pinpoint your top 3 trouble spots.  Next, you hand us trouble spot #1 to manage in the first week. After a week or two, you get comfortable with handing us more tasks, one at a time.  When you factor in the cost of your office overhead, employee taxes, vacation pay, sick days, car troubles etc...there is no better use of your money than hiring a personal Virtual Assistant to handle your administrative, bookkeeping, marketing type tasks.


“Jennifer Goodwin at www.internetGIRLfriday.com has saved the day for me more than once! I run a strategy and design practice, and it’s the nature of the industry: Our business ebbs and flows from week to week. I know I can rely on Jennifer and her crew to help me fill in the gaps whenever the storms hit, so we can keep our business on course.” - Jeffrey Korn - www.jeffreykorn.com


What makes IGF different from other VA's?

  • For one, we are not just one person testing the 'work-at-home' waters.  We are here to stay, grow and lead the pack.
  • We bill by the minute, not rounding up to increments which can get costly.
  • Our team is English speaking and very educated in many different areas.
  • IGF is a VA training firm and has to master the latest, greatest and most professional ways of doing virtual business.
  • The owner has built her life on networking with the right people and centers of influence. (Her circle of millions is now YOUR circle.)

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