Technology can be a life saver when it comes to organization and time saving.  The key is to find the RIGHT software without crippling the pocket book or having to learn something that seems foreign to you.  Our method at IGF is to give any new software website the 15, 5, 30 rule. 

  • In 15 seconds or less, we should know exactly what the website is selling.  If they missed the boat on the sales pitch, we don't have faith in their ability to create software. Ouch!
  • In 5 minutes, we should be able to browse screenshots or a quick demo that tells us more about what we can expect when working with the software. If a site does NOT have a screenshot link on the home page, we are already leery.
  • If we move on to the 30 minute phase, we expect to be able to set up a free trial, play around and understand the software enough to decide if it's worth paying for or not.

If a software requires us to change the way we think or work in order to use it, we say NO.

If a software matches the way our brain thinks, organizes, works, we will entertain it. If a software costs money, we research the free versions first.

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