Virtual Marketing Assistant

IGF is a virtual marketing animal (assistant) when it comes to internet marketing.  We have master the full spectrum of marketing from traditional to new.

In our sleep, we are used to:

Creating and maintaining blogs

Buzz Marketing

Growing your newsletter signups

Making sure your website has the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Generating leads lists

Sending press releases over free and paid wire services like Business Wire

Sending news to any list you like via snail mail, fax, text message or an email service like Constant Contact, MailerMailer, 1ShoppingCart , infusionSoft, etc.

Putting clients in touch with their Centers of Influence (journalists/analysts/experts) for maximum exposure (articles, speaking engagements)

Gathering a copy of your news from all the places it's out there on the web and turning it into reports and images that you can impress your clients with